ODD ONE OUT:   Exercise 1.

The verbs on the right are all synonyms except for one.  Underline the word which doesn't fit.

Example:     SPEAK:  say, talk, transfer, utter

1.  REDUCE:  boost, cut back, diminish, lessen

2.  EAT:  chew, fake, nibble, snack

3.  ACCOMPLISH:  achieve, manage, succeed, whine

4.  SING:  belt out, chirp, hum, scold

5.  LIE:  attach, deceive, fabricate, fib

6.  CRITICIZE:  condemn, find fault, nitpick, quote

7.  LOVE:  cherish, idolize, remark, treasure

8.   BREAK:  crack, drag, fracture, shatter

ODD ONE OUT:   Exercise 2.

1.  SLEEP:  catnap, doze, ooze, snooze

2.  HIT:  punch, slap, slip, smack

3.  STUDY:  cram, revise, smudge, swot

4.  PLAN:  mastermind, neglect, organize, plot,

5.  LAUGH:  chuckle, giggle, snigger, yawn

6.  WRITE:  draft, gamble, jot down, scribble

7.  RESIGN:  join, quit, retire, step down

8.  SHAKE:  shiver, tremble, wobble, yell


Verb Synonyms (1)

2.3   VERB SYNONYMS (2) (Advanced)

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