Exercise 1.

  Change these active sentences to passive sentences.


  They grow rice in Valencia.  
Rice is grown in Valencia.
Somebody is watching us.  We are being watched.

  1.  They have built a new football stadium near the zoo.

  2.  They have cancelled all flights because of the hurricane.

  3.  They are repairing the road.

  4.  They speak Portuguese in Brazil.

  5.  Somebody has stolen my wallet!

  6.  They accept credit cards in this restaurant.

  7.  Fortunately they caught the bank robbers.

  8.  They are going to make a sequel to the film.

Exercise 2.

  Change these active sentences to passive sentences.

1.  People recognise Madonna wherever she goes.

  2.  They have promoted me at work.

  3.  They have invited us to their wedding.

  4.  Luckily they rescued everyone from the sinking boat.

  5.  They will have finished the repairs by Friday.

  6.  They gave George first prize.

  7.  They are recording a new album.

  8.  Somebody has discovered a new species of orchid.


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