Exercise 1.

  Change these active sentences to
passive sentences.  Use 'by' when suitable.


  They accept credit cards here..  
Credit cards are accepted here.
Arsenal won the final. The final was won by Arsenal.

  1.  They are going to give the charity a big cheque.

  2.  They fined him 300 Euros for speeding.

  3.  Did Leo Tolstoy write "Anna Karenina" and "War and Peace"?

  4.  When I arrived at the garage they were still repairing my car.

  5.  They have largely ignored the scientists' warnings.

  6.  A flashy red sports car overtook us on the motorway.  The police then pulled it over.

  7.  A well-known designer has made her wedding dress.

  8.  The rock star will pay for the damage to the hotel room.

  9.  Many motorists are criticising the new toll charge.

  10.  Do they teach yoga and Tai Chi here?

Exercise 2.

  1.  Have they forbidden him to leave the country?

  2.  A big computer firm is taking over the company.

  3.  They never caught the culprit.

  4.  You may use dictionaries in the exam.

  5.  They don't allow smoking anywhere in the airport.

  6.  They hadn't confirmed the new concert dates.

  7.  Andy Murray has beaten Roger Federer in the final.

  8.  Are they promoting him?

  9.  Rioters had set the bus on fire.

  10.  They are going to arrest her on charges of insider trading.


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