Exercise 1.

  Fill the gaps with either the present perfect or the past simple.

  1.  _______________ (you / see) any good films recently?

  2.  What time _________  the plane ________  ? (take off)

  3.  "_______________ (you / walk) home from the disco last night?"  "No, we  _______________ a  cab." (take)

  4.  I _______________ (learn) a great deal already in this job.

  5.  He _______________ (work) for an advertising agency before joining this company.

  6.  _______________ (you / ever / read) any books by George Orwell?

  7.  It's Sharon and Adam's silver wedding anniversary today. They _______________ (be / married)  for twenty five years.

  8.  Our train _______________ (leave) five minutes ago.

  9.  We all  _______________ (get) a payrise last month.

  10.  This is the first time I _______________ (ever / see) this film.
Exercise 2.

  Fill the gaps with either the present perfect or the past simple.

  1.  He _______________ (buy) a new mobile phone on Saturday.

  2.  In the last year we _______________ (have) many hurricanes. Is global warming to blame?

  3.  Tina's best friend _______________ (have) two children since they _______________ (last /  see)
each other.

  4.  She _______________ (live) in Thailand for over ten years now but she _______________

(still / not / master) the language.

  5.  Rob is the funniest guy I _______________ (ever / meet).

  6.  I ______________ (never / run) a marathon but I would like to do one next year.

  7.  Mary _______________ (speak) Portuguese when she _______________ (be) a kid but now  she

_______________ (forget) it all.

  8.  When _______________ (you / move) to the States?

  9.  Patricia ______________ (drink) six cups of coffee already today.

  10.  Gandhi _______________ (say), "Live as if you were to die today.  Learn as if you were to live  forever."

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